Radio signals exist as a form of electromagnetic wave. These radio signals are the same form of radiation as light, ultra-violet, infra-red, etc., differing only in the wavelength or frequency of the radiation. Electromagnetic waves have two element....

The Design focuses on a portable dervice to measure distance in the range of 200m by a portable device which is hand held. It is a laser distance meter with a touch screen and revolutionary “measure with a picture” feature. Due to the integrated camera it is also possible to take pictures and download them with the USB-interface to a computer. The high functionality is perfectly completed by the smart inverse squre distance and elactromagnetic waves intensity relationship”. When electromagnetic waves travel twice a certain distance, their intensity reduces by a factor of four. Measuring Range: 0.05m – 200m both indoors and outdoors, even in bright sunshine Measuring Accuracy ± 1mm (ISO 16331-1 certified) Digital Pointfinder / Viewfinder with 4x zoom, Overview camera Precise 360° tilt sensor Bluetooth® Smart for data transfer to iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android IP54 dust and splash water protected Power Range Technology 3.2″ Large illuminated coloured touchscreen display Automatic detection of multi-functional end-piece position. Measure with a picture, Hieght Tracking Smart Horizontal Mode™ Rechargeable Li-Ion battery FREE Leica DISTO Sketch app

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I am a mechanical engineer scientist and inventor from the university of Liverpool, England, UK. In the las 16 years I have written and invented about 40 projects in science and technology for some of whic I already have a patent. I also have experiene as a teacher of the sciences and a University lecturer where I have taught Physics, Mathematics, Solid Mechanics and Mechanics of Perfect Fluids. At the moment I a keeping my options open and I would very grateful if any companies needing my services can gi ve me a call. I believe in dedication and hard work and as an Aries I ave the extra energy to put in and I am always ready to go the extra mile for the sake of others. Thanks.